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A Voice of Youth from the 2022 Emmaus Retreat

I know that in the LGBT community we have trouble feeling like we belong in the Church. I feel this incongruity myself.

But I have a testimony that God wants us all to be together in his church. Because we're all his wonderful, amazing, talented children. Rich or poor, male or female, black or white, mixed, or other. Even if you're intersex or transgender in a church whose rules revolve around gender. Or if you're gay, lesbian, bi, pan, or ace. God doesn't care. He and our Heavenly Mother still love us more than anything and want us to be happy and receive eternal life.

They are proud of us and want us to be proud of ourselves. They will always have our backs and are always there.

They weep when Their cishet children turn their backs to Their LGBTQ+ children. They cheer in euphoria when Their children get along and love one another, when they spare each other from judgement and make each other happy. Just like They love no child the most, They love no child the least. They made each child perfect, just the way they are.

Everything is insured in the plan. Every gay child of God is gay for a reason. Just like every transgender child is trans for a reason. God loves us, He really does, and you'd better believe He knows you. He knows your name, your favorite color, your first pet's name, your favorite thing to do, your dreams for the future, and the people you hold most dear. He knows your sexuality and he knows your gender. Heck! I think He knows these things sometimes before we do!

And guess what? He loves us for it. He loves it because it's a part of us. It makes us unique. It makes us stronger, more empathetic. It makes us different. And who loves different and diverse more than the Divine Creator, Himself? The Creator who created every star in the sky, every snowflake that melts, every hair on a head, and every rock and pebble on Earth.

He loves you for being different. He wants us to love ourselves for being different. He wants us to love each other for being different. Just like He does. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, who I believe feels the same as I do, with even more perfect conviction and faith than I. Amen.

Xander Pruett is a transgender male youth, just starting on his journey of discover with the support of his family

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Sanja Dimic
Sanja Dimic
05 ott 2022

It was great meeting you Xander. Thanks for sharing your testimony

Mi piace
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